Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of Stark County zoning and subdivision regulations, provide support to the Stark County Planning and Zoning Commission, long-range planning for land use and development, and floodplain management in unincorporated Stark County.

The City of Dickinson serves as the county building department.  For more information, please visit their website at City of Dickinson.

Mission Statement

For the purpose of promoting health, safety, morals, public convenience, general prosperity, and public welfare, the board of county commissioners of any county may regulate and restrict within the county, subject to section 11-33-20 and chapter 54-21.3, the location and the use of buildings and structures and the use, condition of use, or occupancy of lands for residence, recreation, and other purposes. The board of county commissioners and a county zoning commission shall state the grounds upon which any request for a zoning amendment or variance is approved or disapproved, and written findings upon which the decision is based must be included within the records of the board or commission. The board of county commissioners shall establish zoning requirements for solid waste disposal and incineration facilities before July 1, 1994. The board of county commissioners may impose tipping or other fees on solid waste management and incineration facilities. The board of county commissioners may not impose any fee under this section on an energy conversion facility or coal mining operation that disposes of its waste onsite. The board of county commissioners may establish institutional controls that address environmental concerns with the state department of health as provided in section 23-20.3-03.1.

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