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The following is intended to provide information regarding road maintenance for those living within Stark County but outside of city limits. 

Snow removal in the county is somewhat different than within the city.  For example, the weather may appear mild and clear in the city,  but out in the county, there may be zero visibility.  Please be prepared!  Stark County’s roadway system has approximately 1,300 miles and 72 subdivisions that it maintains and plows.  Depending on the snowfall it may take three to four days to clear snow, and after a major storm, it may take up to seven days.  Residents need to be patient and prepared.  In the case of extreme weather conditions, it may be advisable for residents who live outside of city limits who need to be at work or have a medical condition to make arrangements to stay in town if severe weather is predicted.

If your roads have gravel surfacing, during spring thaw or extended periods of wet weather, your roads will become rutted, sloppy, and at times very difficult to travel.  During extended dry periods, gravel roads may get wash boarded and become very dusty.  Conditions may vary with traffic volumes and types of gravel placed on the roads.  Please drive safely and report all unsafe conditions that you may encounter while traveling on the county roadway system.  It is important to report all downed or damaged road signs.  The life you save might be your own.

To report any road problem call the Stark County Road Department Office at (701) 456-7662.  For non-emergency situations that need immediate attention call the Stark County Sheriffs Department at (701) 456-7610, or for an emergency dial 911.

We hope this information will be informative and useful.

Thank You,

Stark County Road Department



The Board of Commission requires landowners owning land adjacent to county roads to cut weeds and remove hay bales from ditches in the county right of way by October 15.  The maximum stubble height allowed is 5 inches.


According to the Snow Removal Policy, county residents are to avoid adding to the hazards of wintertime driving by not placing snow from their driveways onto public roads.  Snow dumped, plowed, pushed, blown or shoveled onto a roadway can create a serious hazard not only for motorists, but also for snowplow equipment. Pursuant to Stark County Resolution passed November 4, 1997, upon discovery of such incident the property owner will be given 24 hours to completely remove the obstruction.  If he/she fails to cause the obstruction to be removed, they may be charged according to applicable ND Century Code.  Wintertime is also a very hard time for mailboxes.  The county encourages residents abide by the recommendations of the U.S. Postmaster and ND Department of Transportation regarding placement & support of mailboxes.



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