Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Services

At Stark County Emergency Services, our mission is to foster a community that is not just prepared for the unexpected but thrives in the face of challenges.  We are dedicated to promoting a safer, less vulnerable environment where every resident possesses the resilience and capacity to navigate hazards and disasters with confidence.  We strive to safeguard our community by seamlessly coordinating and integrating all facets of emergency management.  Stark County Emergency Services is not just a guardian; we are your steadfast partner in creating a resilient, secure, and united community.  Together, we forge a future where safety is not just a goal but a shared reality for every resident.

9-1-1 Citizen Notifications and Weather Alert Registration

9-1-1 Residential Addressing

Burn Restrictions

Community Preparedness

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Operation & Mitigation Plans

Tornado Safety and Sirens