Community Supervision Program

Amanda Engelstad, Stark County State’s Attorney and Rachelle Juntunen, Administrator at the Dakota Women’s Correctional Center and Dickinson Adult Detention Center began a pretrial release program in early 2022 with the goal of “Breaking the Cycle.”


The pretrial release program, formally known as the Community Supervision Program (CSP), was originally designed as a pretrial program or diversion. Defendants that reside in Billings, Bowman, Dunn, Golden Valley, Hettinger, Slope or Stark County, may elect to apply to the Community Supervision Program upon recommendation of the prosecuting agency and referral by the District Court. Once referred, the defendant receives a risk assessment which determines eligibility for the program. If the defendant qualifies for the program, the defendant is allowed to participate in the program if s/he agrees to abide by the program’s rules. Release is allowed in lieu of posting bond if the defendant agrees to be placed on a GPS device; participate in the 24/7 program, if ordered by the court; receive a chemical dependency evaluation; and abide by any treatment recommendations made after assessments and a case plan is made. Although originally designed as solely a pretrial program, several individuals have been sentenced to the program and been quite successful.


The Community Supervision Program helps clients find the resources they need to be successful in the community. The Community Supervision Program aids in finding housing, food, daycare, communication, transportation, medical and mental health referrals, chemical dependency and mental health evaluations, and chemical dependency treatment, among other resources. The program is designed to break down the barriers that often lead our jail/prison population to fail when they are integrating back into the community. Providing resources and teaching skills in the hope of the participants not reoffending is the program’s ultimate goal.


Kara Simons is the Community Supervision Program Director. Her office is located at St. Joes’s Plaza and she is joined by the other members of the SouthWest Multi-County Correctional Center Community Program. They currently offer chemical dependency evaluations and outpatient treatment for people in the Community Supervision Program, individuals on probation or parole status, and anyone from the community that may be seeking these services. They offer classes including Within My Reach and Thinking for a Change and soon will be offering Conflict Resolution. The program offers more affordable Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) with an income based sliding fee scale. They also provide Community Connect and Free Through Recovery services including Peer Support Specialists.


If you would like to speak with Kara about any of the programs that the Community Supervision Program offers, please feel free to contact her.