Welcome to Stark County Road Department

                                  The Stark County Road Department is responsible for planning and maintenance of signs, bridges, roads and highways on the County road system.

                                  Stark County roads and highways system consists of 2287 sign locations, 1160 miles of maintained roads and 129 miles of paved roads, 

                                  along with 552 bridges of which 97 structures span a distance of 20 feet in length or greater within the county road system.


                                   Improving operational performance while growing smarter communities by using smart maps to plan, manage, and maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure.


                                   To provide, ensure and maintain a safe and reliable county transportation system to meet our citizen's needs.

Canola field with trees
Photo of canola field with trees by Todd Miller

Rural Living

Dirt Road with Sunflowers
Photo of gravel road with sunflowers by Zach Miller

Roads and Highways Hub

*Explore 2023 Special Achievement GIS Hub* which includes assets, bridges, projects, sign inventories and downloadable data.

Fog and paved highway
Photo of fog over field and old highway 10 by Todd Miller

ND Road Conditions Map

Rainclouds at Sunset
Photo of rain clouds at sunset over old highway 10 by Todd Miller

Road & Subdivision Agreements, Permits, Maps & Policies

Red Flags and Hole on Dirt Road
Photo of red flags around hole on gravel road by Todd Miller

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